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For more than 20 years, Cindy Pinyard has been making and selling scarf slides. It all started when Cindy and her husband Mike lived in Maple Grove, MN and Cindy started taking ceramic lessons as a hobby. After several years of painting every ceramic figurine possible, she started doing ceramic jewelry instead. Cindy quickly learned that she could be a "stay at home Mom" and do a craft show on Saturday - both for the income and little time for herself! Cindy continued doing shows after a move back to Elyria, Ohio and then to their present home in Peterborough, NH.

In 1999, Cindy's husband Mike started working full time in the business. He had been in sales of everything from men's clothing to construction equipment. Together they create ceramic scarf slides and earrings. Cindy hand forms each piece from clay then fires them in their kilns. Next Mike hand paints each piece with glaze and it is fired again. Depending on the glaze technique used, each piece is fired 1 to 2 more times.

As the scarf slide line expanded, they wanted to provide scarfs to sell with the slides. In an effort to keep their product completely handmade, Cindy's parents, Nancy and Dave Murray, joined the business. The fabric is purchased in New York City's garment district and numerous other places. The fabric is then cut and the edges finished in 2 sizes.

C.I.N. Scarves & Slides exhibit at craft shows in 12 states. Nancy and Dave typically cover the New England shows. Cindy and Mike travel in a motorhome to do a circuit of shows farther away. A complete listing of their shows and directions can be found on the Show Schedule page. This site contains a large selection of scarves and slides, but a more extensive inventory can be seen at the shows!

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